Cyber attack!

Perth 17th September 2010

It is one of those things that has become part of our daily life, whether we like it or not and one that can really frustrate us enormously considering how much we depend on cyber space for our work. This morning when I switched on my laptop I noticed our company email network was not working so I contacted our admin to see what was going on. We got a reply from the IT guys that our service provider was under cyber-attack (!) which was taking up the full band width and as such was incapacitating our network. But not to worry they would have it under control within half an hour. It was apparently a regular thing to happen…what? Pretty scary I thought. Of course the cyber bullies were attacking our service provider, not our company (at least I like to think so) but the idea by itself was quite disturbing. Who in his right frame of mind enjoys these kinds of things??

Eventually they got it back under control but it reminded me how much we nowadays depend on the internet in our lighting design business. All communication really use email, skype or other forms like teleconferencing. Our business has nearly moved to being paperless when it comes to documentation and communication. Who still uses a fax, let alone a telex machine? Do those actually still exist?

All our “machines” nowadays have to have virus protection, individually on our computer or laptop as well as firewalls in our office network systems. Still we can be “attacked” apparently so this raises the need to make sure we have all our company info backed-up just in case it all coms crashing down. Bigger companies do that on a daily basis I understand, in our case I believe it only happens weekly, but still! Because of this paperless world and the ease of creating and sending data around we are actually dealing with much more data than in the old days.

Just last week I was queuing up for immigration at an Indian airport when their computer system went down.  It took half an hour before the system was somehow rebooted and working again. We used to do it without computers before…but this generation is so “logged-in” with computers that when they break down the world comes to a halt!

17. September 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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