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Singapore 4th September 2010

Did you know I am making my first steps into the world of art, light art that is? I can safely say that I am established as an architectural lighting designer which is an art by itself, but as an “art” artist I am really a novice. So I am very pleased that my entry for the Smart Light Singapore festival to be held later this year has been selected as one of the 25 (international) artworks to be displayed around Marina Bay! The artwork, designed with my colleague Shane, has a strong environmental message and will be very energy friendly, one of the themes of the festival. As for now I can’t reveal the details as the art works are still under embargo until they are released through their promotional campaigns to the public. You may already have read about it in several newspapers, I understand the New York Times and the International Herald tribune have already run the stories as well. Look out for mine there soon! The website (at will be up and running in the coming week and have background stories on all artists and their works.

Today I attended a briefing with the organizing festival directors and the participating artists, which was really “illuminating”. Artists are a different breed of people then designers. Some are outspoken, some are very introvert. But the common language is their artwork and their passion for what drove them to creating it. In this world of art there are no limitations and I think that is probably the big difference with commercial and architectural lighting design. It is all about imagination, nothing is impossible…    

I felt a little bit as a fish out of the water, but at the same very connected. We all got to introduce our artworks to each other and provide some background info on what had driven us to it. As this festival is about the smart use of light and lighting, it is interesting how everyone experiences and translates lighting into art. While I am approaching light more from a creative/technical direction, it is obvious that some, with no real technical knowledge of light, approach it purely from a feeling and senses point of view.  

I am looking forward to a great event and possibly a start as a creative artist

04. September 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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