30 Days to go!

Singapore 29th September 2010

Only 30 days to go before I complete my marathon of blogging each and every day about lighting for one full year! It has been and still is a very exciting project with plenty of subjects and issues to talk about. It will be very interesting to analyse the blogs and come out with some statistics about what has driven my lighting consultancy over the past year. By including my location I have also been able to keep track of my geographical movements in relation to my work as well as including local events and happenings in my blogs. I can probably work out how many kilometers and hours I have flown during this past year!

I will put this project up for a paper at next year’s PLDC in Madrid, as a conclusion from the place where the blog idea started last year in Berlin. The response has been really nice and encouraging and from the most unexpected places and people. I much appreciate that some of you read my blog as daily feed (and food for thought) and have been supportive with comments and encouragements. I also understand that most of us have very busy daily life and that therefore downloading and reading the blog every day is not easy. It is already quite a discipline to write it then to upload it regardless the internet access availability! I had a few interesting situations where I had to call in external assistance to be able to upload my blog on the day!

Though I let the daily events of my practice and related world events guide me in my subjects, it is inevitable that some subjects repeat itself or are a recurrent issue. However I am making concerted efforts to choose a subject I have not blogged about before or find another or additional angle on the issue. But after more than 300 blogs I may be forgiven if I repeat myself! I guess I will only find out when I start analyzing the blogs!

So what’s next? I am seriously considering doing Light Talk Season 2 so to speak, but I would like to bring in some new elements, like pictures for example. To all my dear followers, please sent in your ideas on how I could improve the blog for next season! Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

29. September 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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