Youth Olympic Games

Singapore 14th August 2010

Over the next 2 weeks Singapore is host to the inaugural Youth Olympic Games so it is hard being in Singapore without being caught up in the hype. I just finished watching the opening ceremony (on TV) which was held at Marina Bay, with pretty mixed feelings.

Lighting plays a key role in these events so it is obviously interests me to see if there is any creative use of lighting and lighting effects …and that is where my mixed feelings come in. From the onset one could see that a lot of effort had been put into the ceremony with clever use of the water element and the city skyline as backdrop, making it different from the usual stadium experience. But at the same time I felt a lack of experience in recording the event properly for TV audiences. It may have been great at location but the majority of the people would have watched it on their TV’s hence generally these events are designed for TV viewing. The TV camera did not really engage, with camera angles and timing not really providing the wow factor, but maybe this was due to the open space location…

To me the resulting images were of poor quality with little contrast, too many colors which at times made it difficult to make out what was happening. At one time they managed to create a green background against which dancers dressed in a green attire were hard to see. So the whole show really got a bit lost on me and was not so memorable, possibly reinforced by frequent commercial breaks.

The only thing that I thought was really original and making full use of the venue was the lighting of the Olympic flame. The arrival over water in dragon boats and subsequent walking on the water to the cauldron build into a light house was really fitting. The light house tower is very symbolic and having the fire as the light of the lighthouse is a very clever design.  

Despite my criticism ( I am probably spoiled anyhow) Singapore put in a great effort. Though not spectacular in lighting it was very refreshing and if anything the lighthouse is what I will remember from this ceremony.

There is also another very important message with these Olympic Games…the future is with our youth!  Also in our lighting world!

14. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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