When money is everything

Singapore 28th August 2010

I guess we all know the saying that money does not make you happy, but it is damn easier to be unhappy with a lot of money then without…and it is damn easier to do things when you have money…Where am I going with this?…In most of our projects the bottom line is really the money or the budget. On Friday I attended a design coordination meeting with the client in which so far we only had spoken the design concept language. But with everyone happy and enthusiastic about the concept it was time to get down to business…the bottom line. We had invited the client’s contractor to quote for the supply and installation works. That is when we all came crashing down from the euphoria of the concept. The cost would be more than 4 times the budget! (It would have been nice to have known the budget on forehand but as always the client tells you they don’t have one until you tell them what it will cost!)

So what to do now? Everyone loves the concept (we are working on one of the corporate lounges for the upcoming F1 night race in Singapore) but how to meet the budget. It is back to the drawing board obviously with the time clock ticking. And that is where creativity and problem solving experience is crucial together with a healthy dose of compromise. We like our concept to be perfect and of the highest quality, but at times we have to realize that there are other priorities and that perfectionism comes at a price.

I am confident that we will be able to create something memorable for the event within the budget, maybe slightly over, but it will mean looking at each and every component of the lighting design and weigh its importance within the overall concept, look at the numbers and fine tune the end result.

In our world money is everything. Somebody needs to pay for the design and most of the time people are always in the business of wanting more for less…

28. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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