When lighting is the difference

Singapore 12th August 2010

As far as we are concerned lighting is always the difference, right? It all comes together with the lighting switched on. But most of the time our lighting is part of an overall project design, integrated as part of the architectural, interior or urban/landscape works. New or renovation. It is not that often that lighting is the sole ingredient of a project. When it is you really see how light makes the difference.

Some years back I was the lighting designer for the lighting renovation of the Burswood Casino in Perth, Western Australia, a project that involved only lighting. The design brief called for a complete overhaul of the lighting installation without any changes to its interior design. In fact the lighting “change over” would be implemented without majorly interrupting the casino operations, by implementing the changes by predetermined zones. It was one of those projects where the impact of lighting could be measured by looking at the before and after results as lighting was the only difference. I found that an extremely “enlightening” experience. We achieved many firsts at the time in terms of energy and costs savings, maintenance simplifications and new lighting technologies (fiber optic). The project proudly won us an IES lighting design award.

Specifically in the commercial sector (shops/ department stores) it happens that lighting is the key differential when it comes to upgrading. Statistics have shown that well designed new lighting can push sales up with more than 25% compared with the old installation!! There are of course also the projects were there was no lighting at all first (like a building façade or a street, etc). But these projects are the so called from “zero to hero” projects. From nothing to something, success guaranteed. It is much more challenging (and rewarding) to go from something to something great as this involves beating people’s expectations who are already used and familiar with an existing level of lighting comfort.

Today I was called in by a new client to offer my creative lighting design expertise in designing some extra lighting to their track site corporate club suites for the upcoming Singapore F1 night race. Not happy with last year’s set up, this client obviously understands that lighting will be the difference between good and great. It’s now up to me to fulfill their expectations!

12. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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