The magic of light

Singapore 16th August 2010

Seems like LED lighting has also made it’s entrance in the world of magic. While relaxing last night, I watched a TV program called the “Magicians Secrets Revealed” or something like that in which some magician dude, explains how all the magician tricks work. I think we all know when watching the great magicians like Houdini, David Copperfield and the like that we are tricked into believing the magic.  We know there is a logical trick to it but most of the time we can’t really figure out how they do it. It is always easy when you know isn’t it!

Last night the magician dude was going to explain how he can take a conventional light bulb that is working in a lampshade (obviously powered by electricity), remove it from the shade and magically make it light up in his hand without power…yeah, right!  

The trick was simple, hidden in his hand (out of sight) was a small LED light with some sticky glue and a mini switch. Once he picks up the lamp out of the shade he sticks the mini LED to the back of the lamp (out of your sight of course) and after some magic movements caressing the lamp, he flips on the mini switch at the back of the LED in the process and …voila, the light bulb now seems to be burning without power! However what we really see is an LED stuck to the back of the light bulb, making it look like the actual bulb is burining on the inside.

He then reverses the process, removing the LED in the process (now handily stuck inside his hand) and reinstalls the light bulb in the shade…and oh, look it works again!

Lighting designers are creators of a “make believe” world as well. We create ambiances and emotions by the lighting effects we design. But in the end everybody experiences the world around them within their own belief and knowledge system. “Seeing is believing” is the saying…but we manipulate what you see!

PS: I still remeber one of the best reviews I ever got on a project when we were called “the lighting magicians of the Petronas Twin Towers” in reference of our lighting design works for Kuala Lumpurs Twin Towers in Malaysia, many years back….




16. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat ,~.

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