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Singapore 26th August 2010

Lighting is moving main stream big time. With LED products becoming also more consumer oriented we see a shift happening where architectural lighting and related lighting products are moving to a more public domain and made more user friendly for the general consumer. LED’s are becoming the trendy thing to have, specifically the color changing types which are sold as mood makers and ambiance creators.

I am mentioning this as Philips is opening its first brand store in Singapore (the Philips Lighting Brand Store) much in line with the Apple I-stores and others. I have yet to visit it so I am just going by my own thoughts at this point of time. And if the Brand Store alone is not enough, the launch has been given added “impact” by having Twitter feeds ( as well as being on Facebook (  to communicate about its promotions in today’s world. It works for Apple, it works for Ferrari, it works for Gucci, why not for lighting? The combination with modern internet technology for communication such as Twitter and Facebook only adds to the trendy image. I have tried Twitter, but it’s not for me, my daughters have been urging me to join Facebook, but again it is too much on top of my daily email communications. But it works for many others! I am managing this blog, that is already something trendy, isn’t it? It is part of this new world…

The thing with lighting nowadays is that it has a lot of new features to offer which starts to make it interesting for the general public. I mentioned the color dynamics for mood and ambiance, but there is also lighting for health which is going to be a big thing of the future. With the new generation miniature LED technology it is now also possible to integrate lighting in furniture, appliances and even clothing. Easy to see that lighting manufacturers like Philips move into the multi-billion consumer market. The newly created “lighting products” are so becoming unique must have items. Combine this with the multimedia features that LED can offer and it is easy to see how lighting products can become a main stream must have branded product…only available in the Brand Store!

26. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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