The “hidden” lighting benefits

Singapore 17th August 2010

As always when we do a lighting design we have a couple of choices when it comes to the selection of the light fittings that we believe will do the job. Our starting point is nearly always the lighting effect that we want to achieve and then we work backwards to the light fitting that will produce the effect. At least that is how I work. Occasionally it is the other way around when I find a light fitting with an interesting lighting effect. I then work around it to see how it would fit in the overall lighting concept.

But that is the obvious and visible part of lighting. It always amazes me how little some lighting suppliers actually understand their products and how some are not aware their fittings have very strong sales features that can very convincingly favor their selection over other systems. It was therefore refreshing to meet some lighting suppliers the last two days that knew their lighting business. One specialized in the solar lighting business, the other in the durable quality outdoor products.

Light fittings have many so called “hidden” features which to the untrained person are not so obvious. For instance a company that provides 10 year (!) warranty on the material finishes of their outdoor products. Now that is some assurance that the product will not rust away under your eyes. For seaside and tropical projects with extreme weather conditions a reassuring thought for the client!  

Another hidden benefit could be the efficiency of the lighting system. Very efficient lighting systems generally require lesser quantities. Though more expensive on a one to one basis, the total system requirements can be much cheaper, resulting in lower system costs and generally also lower energy requirements. And so on…

While we are trained to look for these benefits and make sure our lighting systems selected provide as much value for money as possible, we cannot always “smell” all these hidden benefits so it is really helpful to us to deal with lighting suppliers that know their business and most of all know what sets their product apart from the competition and what can provide that added benefit for our clients!

17. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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