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Singapore 22nd August 2010

One of the interesting parts of the current inaugural Youth Olympic Games going on in Singapore is the introduction of the mixed team events. I happen to catch some sports summaries the other day and noticed that in some events like in swimming, archery, horse riding and probably others, they had created mixed male/female teams and mixed country teams. I thought that was very refreshing and also a very good way to foster respect and friendship between the competitors irrespective their cultural backgrounds, religion or sex! It does not seem to mean a reduced level of competition as each of the participants was as competitive and eager to perform as ever, on the contrary!    

It got me thinking…this world is becoming so intolerant, with people showing no respect to the world around them, being so selfish and uncaring that it would be nice if we could work together in harmony rather then against each other. In our world of lighting design we compete with our fellow consultants to get a job and clients often play us out to get the best deal, but why not explore “mixed team” projects where several lighting designers team up together? I know that in very big projects this does happen, I have found myself with other consultants in the same project but these are normally very partitioned and we do not meet or deal with each other.

The world of professional lighting designers is relatively small and we mostly know each other. Through lighting events such as the Light Fair, the Professional Lighting Design Conventions we have an opportunity to meet and share our experiences, but somehow we are fiercely protective of our projects and clients eventhough we are friendly with each other. It seems that there is enough work to go around so supporting each other and working together rather than competing with each other could be a way for the future?

It is just some food for thought for this weekend…I am thinking that is a bit like 5 fingers make a fist or 1+1 =3. Together we could be stronger, not only in producing the end result but also as human individuals creating a better world in the process…

22. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Dear Maritn,

    This idea of ‘mixed teams’ working together is fantastic. It could very easily work out while working on joint entries on competetion projects, but do you feel that it could work in a real proejct scenario, with a real client, and real challenges. I am very keen to know your thoughts.


  2. Siddarth
    First of all let me thank you for your continued support for my blog, I really appreciate it.
    Whether it can work…I think it could but it will require the players to follow a few rules. Most of all you will need to be able to “bury” your ego and really work as a team with the end result in mind not your personal glory. This means showing trust and respect to your fellow player and support the best solution, not your solution. If this spirit and cooperation can be achieved I think it will work. However knowing that most designers have big ego’s it will only work with a selected few in reality.

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