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France 3rd August 2010

One of the things we do when strolling around markets or shops is just looking…we look at beautiful things we can’t afford or just imagine how it would fit you or suit your home interior…you know what I am talking about.

As a lighting designer we have this professional urge to always look around for lighting. Just looking how they did it…I learn most from “just looking”. I find it very instructive and at times provides me with great ideas for ways to implement lighting in a project. So when I go out and about shopping or out for dinner I look around and try to decipher the lighting and lighting effects that I come across. Some people are really creative in the way they apply lighting and the decorative lighting effects they achieve.

But we learn most from the “bad examples”. If you train yourself to analyse and look at lighting installations around you whether outdoors or indoors, you find the most educational environment you can imagine just at your door step. Good examples are not always that obvious as they sort of blend in, while the bad ones stare you in the face as they create glare, do not seem to fit or provide ugly shadows, etc, etc. But it is an acquired skill as most of us just look without seeing, if you understand what I mean. Like the expression, stop to smell the roses, I would say, stop to experience the lighting. Just looking…  

On another note, this morning I went to a local bric-a brac market and saw an array of old marine type light fittings, bulk heads, search lights and the like. Heavy copper and glass with the traditional incandescent light sources which are hard to find these days. Others were selling old glass shades and lamps straight from “grand mothers” time…nostalgia. We live in such a modern environment and with such pace that we don’t take the time anymore to look around and enjoy…my holiday is a perfect time to relax, take my time, enjoy and just look around…

03. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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