It can’t be done?

Singapore 30th August 2010

How often don’t we hear: “It can’t be done?” I certainly come across it all the time, mostly from contractors, sometimes from other product manufacturers. It happens generally when we need to add lighting to an existing structure or product and our proposed lighting will mean changes to the original design of the structure or product. I am facing two of those situations right now and it will take our initiative to make it work otherwise the answer will remain no.  Most of the time these negative answers are driven by the lack of willingness to look for a solution because of the extra work and potential extra costs involved.

In a hotel project we have a situation where the contractor advised the client that the dome structure over the lobby cannot take the extra load (weight) of our lighting. Now the lighting design and details have been known to the project team, including the structural engineers, for more than a year, so I suspect that someone in the structural engineering department has stuffed up. Can’t prove it of course but really we are only talking about some integrated linear LED and Cold Cathode lighting systems. Surely the additional load will not be cause to a dome collapse. Specifically the weight of the transformers and drivers seem an issue. No one seem willing to look for a solution (as the lighting effect is a major part of the overall lobby concept). I am not sure if there will be an answer but locating the gear away from the dome seems to be one direction to follow. But then I will probably hear that we have a problem with the cabling…anything to avoid the extra work.

In another (residential) project we are looking at adding external lighting to an elevator. It is not a normal elevator, but a car elevator in a high rise building, allowing you to park your car at your front (penthouse) door all the way up, 100m in the sky. The car elevator is a highly technical structure, from my understanding a world first. But adding the lighting to the structure initially found only resistance. Today after a highly creative exchange of ideas it looks like we have swung their minds and we are all looking at “doing” it. All it took was just a positive mind and a willingness to find a solution…

30. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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