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Singapore 21st August 2010

While the Australians go to the polls today to choose whether to keep Julia Gillard as Australia’s first female prime minister or to opt for the opposition leader Tony Abbott, attempts to make our world a greener place just goes on. Whoever is elected will (have to) continue the efforts in implementing greener measures for the good and the future of our planet. They may do so in different ways and with different time schedules but it is a reality of life that can no longer be ignored by any government.

Just a few blogs ago I spoke about Eco Cities in China, now there is a new project in Finland dubbed the Eco Highway. The Finnish government has embarked on an ambitious project to make a 130km long green and eco friendly highway in the eastern part of the country. The highway will be built from environmentally friendly materials and will have green and bio-fuel petrol stations along the way. The aim is to create a carbon- neutral stretch of highway.

Most of all it will have smart and motion sensor lighting (about which I coincidentally also blogged just a few days ago…it’s all coming together! :)). Lights will be switched off when there are no cars and lighting levels adjusted to night time and weather conditions. As always the dreams are big and the potential for energy saving and reduction on the environmental impact enormous, but can it be sustained financially? The project has been unveiled subject to financial viability, a study which is expected to last about one year. At this stage the costs are estimated to be close to U$1 billion!! It is being suggested that such project will therefore only be possible with the financial support and investments of large multinational companies as well as monetary support from the European Union. It just shows how much investment is required to realize such ambitious green dreams.

But who will be really paying for it? You and me! In the end the big companies will charge more for their products and services, the government will make us pay more taxes! If these projects materialise they will take the honor, but in reality by passing the buck on to the us, we are the unsung heroes!

21. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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