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Singapore 13th August 2010

No, I am not talking about putting on your 3D glasses to watch a 3D movie, though the metaphor is actually quite close to what I want to blog about. As with most of my blogs I am guided by the events of the day and today was one of those days I could fully focus on doing lighting design, yeah! No meetings, hardly any calls, not too much staff disturbance…maybe it has something to do with today being Friday the 13th? People keeping a low profile as to not tempt the gods…or the devil! 🙂 Who knows….

Anyhow I had one of those very fruitful and effective design days where I could really dig myself into a project (in this case the landscape lighting design of a resort hotel in a mountainous region). Lighting design is very much about understanding the space, the environment and the architectural and landscape components that make out the project. With today’s visualization technologies we are able to create images that help visualize how the space will look like even if it only exists on paper yet, hence my metaphor “in 3D”. We mostly work from 2D plans, but our lighting effects are to be developed for a 3D reality so it is very important to understand the “lay of the land”, so to say. Slopes, retaining walls, bridges, big trees, canopies, steps, paving, water bodies, you name it.    

Most of my design time goes into this preparation and understanding how everything sticks together. With a concept already agreed this lighting design develops the details and intricacies to make it all work. Do we use a bollard or can we recess a light in a retainer wall, should we light up a tree or silhouette it against a wall, and so on. The landscape design gives you the clues or what will create the best lighting effects within the concept that has been agreed. I can’t emphasize enough how important 3 dimensional understanding of space is to lighting design…

I had an enjoyable 3D design day today….

13. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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