France 1st August 2010

Being on holiday means basically I am switching off my lighting design mode of thinking as much as I can. This also means that my blog is now not so much guided by my daily lighting design activities but by lighting as I experience during the day as a “normal human being”…..

One of the things that strikes me most is the difference in the colour and brightness of the day light. It struck me when I first came to Australia in comparison to the light I had been used to in Singapore and it strikes me time and again when I travel to different places around the world. Depending on where you are the light and the sky can look so different!

Shanghai is most of the time muggy, cloudy and grey. When the sun comes out people really get out to enjoy the moment as a near special event. But the light is not crisp, there is some sort of veil that seems to filter the light. Clear blue skies do not really occur in a big city like Shanghai. Singapore is not much better, but the colour of the light is somewhat different. Though truth be told, most big cities are affected by pollution making the appreciation of the actual daylight very difficult.

It is well known the photographers do like the crisp and clear day light that is present further away from the equator such as the southern hemispheres cities of Sydney or Perth. The light comes in at much steeper angles then in Singapore which is practically located on the equator. The breaking of the light through the earth’s atmosphere creates that difference in light colour. Likewise the light here in France where I am is very reminiscent of that of Sydney.

The way we can experience day light is nearly the reversed way of how we experience the night. Where you experience nice, clear and crisp daylight is generally also where you can experience the clear starry nights. I am lucky and fortunate to be in a position to enjoy the way nature was intended to be. It makes you appreciate it even more knowing how it is in Shanghai, Singapore and many other cities in the world….

01. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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