Changing a lightbulb

France 6th August 2010

Do you realize there are people who do not know how to change a light bulb? I have been brought up by a dad who was good in handy work and me and my siblings have inherited that handyman skill from my him. My brothers are extremely good at it and capable of building a bathroom, a shed or fixing a car. I am like that too but my hectic work and travel is not really conducive to these kind of things. Time is in short supply so its easier to get someone to fix it. In fact I am having my apartment repainted while being away, but it is something I could have easily done myself…lazy? No not really, just practical and a different set of priorities at the moment.

But there are people in my own (French) family who honestly do not know how to change a light bulb. They are known to call an electrician to do that! Sounds silly to many of you but there are people like that. Some just because they are to snob or lazy to do it, some (like elderly people) who are genuinely not able or have little knowledge of electricity. These people (if they don’t have helpful family or friends) have no choice as to pay $45 for an electrician. I pay $90 for an IT guy to help me fix any computer problems as I simply have not enough knowledge to do it myself. I have some knowledge but always fear I may make it worse by engaging in irreparable actions. My laptop is my life!

Changing light bulbs is a necessary evil, not much we can do about it. The incandescent bulb with a screw or bajonet cap is fairly easy if you can reach the lighting point. A bit more difficult if it means climbing up a ladder to replace a ceiling light. You still need to make sure you get the right wattage! (Compact) fluorescent lights have a much longer life so the frequency is much less (I recently changed one after more than 5 years use!). The extra problem here is to get the right replacement colour.

LED’s seem to make life even more easier with their long life span prediction, however the system itself is much more complicated and the way we are going we may indeed realy need an electrician to replace them in the future!

06. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. there are LED ceiling lights available these days already, they are more expensive but does not consume too much electricity `,,

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