Singapore 18th August 2010

Architects play a very important role in our lives. In a way you could say they are the breeding ground of our creativity. Their architectural concepts are the start for our inspiration to the creations of our own lighting designs. The good architects have full understanding of what light can do the success of their building. It is always a pleasure to work with an architect who enjoys what lighting can do.

What originally was scheduled as just a design coordination meeting today turned out to be a pleasurable brainstorm “duel” with the architect on one of our projects in finding solutions for a tricky lighting requirement (and a difficult client!). It is always nice to see an architect reacting enthusiastically and constructively to a lighting challenge. In this case how to integrate lighting in stairs and escalators located in high void area. Because of the ceiling height and associated obvious maintenance problems the client indicated that lighting had to be within easy reach for maintenance but at the same time out of reach for the general public for safety and potential vandalism reasons.

In order to achieve our lighting requirements one of the options was to create some integrated handrail lighting and rather than pushing the problem back to us the architect engaged us and actually took the lead in finding a solution with us. The enjoyable part of these types of architects is that they work with you as equals and with respect of your expertise like we respect theirs. That level footed platform is very stimulating and brings out the best in all parties.

Unfortunately not all architects are like that. Some are very up with themselves and treat consultants like us as a sort of subordinates. They look down on you, send you away as if for you to do your homework and if they don’t like what you subsequently come up with just reject your solution without offering any direction or support.  That generally turns out to be abortive and non-stimulating with an end result that often leaves a lot to desire.

Architects, we love them, we hate them 🙂

18. August 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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