Singapore 11th July 2010

To think lighting designers are holy saints is an illusion. We don’t hear much about fraude or misbehavior in our profession but like in all trades there are always people somehow getting of the righteous path. But generally when we hear these things it is gossip or bad mouthing from competitors or suppliers being sore losers in a lighting supply tender. We take that in good stride as part of the competitive nature of our profession…a bit like politics where the opposition tries to paint the ruling party black…

I was therefore surprised to see an actual article written in a UK lighting magazine (Lighting) that was openly reporting on a case and asking anyone who may have had dealings with a certain lighting designer for his whereabouts. The report states that he is sought for alleged fraud by UK’s CID and Trading Standards…I guess it must be serious. Reporting this seems quite unique as we generally keep to ourselves and don’t really meddle in other people’s business. At least it is the first time I hear about a lighting designer being sought by police for criminal behavior, but maybe there has been more in the past I am not aware of…

Nobody is perfect and to say we are all holy saints is of course idealistic. I think we all at times may willingly or unwillingly cut corners, even though we all strive to be as “perfect” as possible in our work to uphold the lighting designer profession’s image in general as well as our own personal professionalism and integrity.

But it is well known that the lighting designers in general don’t make millions. As the profession is still relatively in its infancy, with many clients not really appreciating the importance that lighting designers can bring to the fore, I am aware that professional fees are much under pressure for those building their practice with many finding it hard to make ends meet. But resorting to criminal behavior can never be the solution….

11. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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