Singapore,  2nd July 2010

Today has been a day in the sign of “travel”. First I travelled back from Perth to Singapore to attend meetings, then I spend time to confirm and reconfirm the travel arrangements and bookings for my travel to India next week. I have to thank Trevor from our Singapore office for his countless hours coordinating with our travel agent and the clients to get my trips organized. It sounds simple but it is not, as my travel plans change practically every day. Not because I want to but because of the ever changing conditions.

Next week’s trip for instance is to go review a hotel mock up room and present our concepts for the building exteriors and public interior areas. The original trip was confirmed several weeks ago, but sudden “unavailability” from operator and key interior designer has prompted last minute changes in the dates. This creates a domino effect for many as flights have to be rebooked (mine was on waitlist, but finally got confirmed just earlier today) and at the same time affects the meeting and travel plans for the days afterwards. Especially in this part of the world clients have a habit of calling meetings at the last minute and then expect you to hop on the next available plane out…like we are waiting for their call and have nothing else to do! In general I request client confirmations with at least 3-4 weeks advance notice for travel related meetings, but in practice it does not really work out that way!

But would you believe that there are clients that call you to come out for meetings and then manage to be not available themselves! I had such encounter not long ago where the complete consultant team flew out for a design coordination meeting with the “big boss” (to Mumbai also). However at the start of the meeting it was announced that the boss (for whom we had all come to present our designs) had gone to Delhi for some urgent meetings…   

There is an expression that says “he who travels far knows much”. I would like to create a new one: “he who travels often has to be prepared for the unexpected”…  🙂

02. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Dear Martin,

    Congrats for “Men in Orange” proceeding to Semi’s!! Hope this time they will make it to finals after a brief time in history!!

    with regards,
    Sathish Kumar.A,

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