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Singapore 27th July 2010

One of the slogans applied in lighting design is; “the right light, at the right place…with some adding: …at the right time”. Time and again (nearly daily I can say) we face the situation that we need to decide which light fitting (“the right light”) to select for the location (read: application, “the right place”) this light is needed, with “the right time” referring to the lighting control needed for the light. Today was a day as any other ….

So how do we decide on what is “right”? Of course experience comes into place as an overriding key factor in the final decision, but the initial selection is based on many different considerations, some more obvious than others. Setting aside our own preferences for certain brands and lighting systems we find ourselves at times guided my small little trivial issues in the selection of our light fittings.  

For instances client’s preferences… some clients give explicit directions about suppliers they want to use. We are guided by our professional ethics and the client’s preference may not always fit the profile of the light fittings we have in mind…so tactful handling of the situation is required, most of the time ending in some sort of compromise.

Local availability of light fittings is another one closely related to this with local in this part of the world generally meaning China (or Asia) made.  Product ranges are often limited and not always available in the quality, shape or form we ideally require for the application the lighting is intended for.

There are also less relevant issues such as the physical shape and colour of the trim/housing of the light fitting that are often directed to us by interior designers or architects. While we may have our own opinion about what we like, the final call on the esthetics of the fittings is generally by the lead design consultants unless it has a direct effect on the lighting results. Let’s face it… whether a down light has a square or round trim or even trim less design, does not really affect the lighting performance. It does have a visual impact so we do include that as part of our creative design thinking and selection process…however it remains a mad, mad project world out there … 🙂

27. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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