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Singapore 28th July 2010 

While talking about staff capacity in one of my recent blogs it is important to mention and look at individual skills when searching for staff. It is obvious from my blogs that I am looking for staff, hence the recurring subject, but at the same time we have to be very selective in the staff we recruit for various reasons. Each staff has their own personality, character, strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately we don’t really know these until we employ them! I have found that the “loudest” generally fail to deliver to expectation and the more “shy” ones over time tend to develop into real reliable and strong staff. It is not for nothing that we generally apply a probation period on employment. It serves both ways. It allows us as the employer to abort a staffs’ employment if we are not satisfied with the performance or it is not working out; reversely it allows new staff a way out if the job is not to expectation.

The perfect staff would be very experienced in lighting design with many years in designing and executing projects with many successful projects as testimony. Multi skilled in all aspects of lighting design from creation, visualization, documentation to management with a smart eye on how to make money for the company. Ideally the person communicates engagingly, convincingly but diplomatically, speaks many languages with Chinese as key for this part of the world with a great personality and team spirit. The more travelled and seasoned, the more this person will be understanding of the different geographical markets and culture differences that impact on our projects….

Interestingly I find that the best staff are those who have a life and other interests outside work! I strongly believe this balance is vital.

But to make this work it is critical that the boss is able to delegate and trust his “man”. I don’t know about others but I am still a very hands-on man wanting to be involved in every aspect of the project. But as the company grows and with it the number of projects, it becomes a near impossible mission and more and more crucial to be able to let go and delegate…

28. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. The perfect boss – Martin ,
    I have truly enjoyed the time with Lighting images.Learned much about lighting design.
    Thanks for the opportunity and exposure !!
    Take care of your health yah! Health is wealth. Catchup some day

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