The Great Singapore Sale

Singapore, 3rd July 2010

There is somehow always a sale going on in Singapore, whether they call it “End of the year sale”, “Stock clearance sale” or “The Great Singapore Sale”, which is now on. With so many new shopping malls and retail space added in Singapore over the last few years, one can understand that there is a continuous need to promote the city’s huge retail opportunities. With the weekend upon us we took some time out today for some well deserved retail therapy after a week of many late hours of work.

I hadn’t been to Orchard Road shopping for quite some time and it was quite interesting to see how much the overall feel of Singapore’s main shopping street has transformed itself. Besides the new malls like Orchard Ion, Orchard Cental, Somerset, etc, many also have been renovated and without fail all of the have dynamic colour changing LED façade lighting and multi media walls. The once fairly quit (in lighting as well as sound terms) Orchard Road is now a cacophony of lights and sounds at night, as besides the dynamic façade lighting each shopping mall seems to be trying to attract people by playing loud stumping music as if a party is going on inside.

The public spaces inside the mall are not much better, but the level of sophistication inside many of the shops has definitely gone up several notches. High quality interior design with multiple lighting systems forms part of the much applied visual merchandising concepts to attract customers to buy. Lighting is a very clear tool in validating the merchandise on sale. Shop lighting has come a long way from the early days of simple general fluorescent lighting with some incandescent spots, with new generation metal halide lamps and dedicated LED lighting leading the way.      

Before I go I have to share my elation about the Dutch progressing into the semi finals at the World Cup soccer, finally we managed to beat Brasil! It took a bit of luck, lots of courage and great fighting spirit…On to the finals now! 🙂

03. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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