The Bund

Shanghai 18th July 2010
The Bund is one of the landmark places in Shanghai. The promenade along the Hangpu River is a spot where many tourist hang out for a walk, specifically at night to enjoy the sights and sounds of the river, the historic building on the Puxi side and the modern high rise buildings of the financial district on the Pudong side. Tonight I was invited at a dinner function in a building overlooking the river. It had a nice roof terrace allowing us to enjoy the cool evening breeze (its summer in Shanghai which is not always pleasant) and chat with friends against the backdrop of many, many illuminated buildings. On the way back I asked the taxi driver to drive me along the Bund so I could take in the illuminated buildings which during the World Expo are on in full glory every night.
I was specifically interested to have a good look at the seven buildings we designed the building façade lighting for few years ago now to see how they were holding up. It was good. I am still very proud of the design which is very traditional floodlighting but in my humble view totally validating the classical nature of the architecture. While metal halide floodlights were the key lighting systems used there is also a large number of un noticeable linear LED lights concealed in cornices and the like. Because we use white light it does not appear as being LED. This as great contrast to the Pudong side across the river with the flashy LED lights on the Pearl Tower, the full building height LED wall on the Aurora Tower and many more.
I am particularly proud as the lighting is an example of thoughtful application of light and energy. Contrary to many buildings along the Bund which use 2KW Sodium blasters (spilling most light into the sky in the process) our buildings use only 250W Metal Halide floodlights with dedicated optics at the most. I rate the efficiency of the lighting at more then 80%. In other words most light reaches the surfaces it is intended to lit with minimal light pollution and obviously minimal energy consumption. A perfect example of less is more!

18. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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