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France, 30th July 2010

I just landed in France for a short holiday, after a 12 hour flight in the almighty Airbus 380 double-decker airplane. They don’t come much bigger than that. I have blogged before about the latest LED technologies that are integrated in the plane’s lighting, such as cool, warm and ambient night light. Though I managed to sleep most of the way I had ample time to ponder about the meaning of big in lighting…

On project level these are the humongous projects that seem to be prevalent more and more which can command lighting design fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am talking about complete city or township developments, mega commercial resorts and mixed developments. They seem more rule than exception in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region. These are generally projects that require a lot of manpower totally taken up for an indefinite time.  Even though these projects have a time schedule, the sheer size of the projects are a sure recipe for delays and setbacks, let alone high stress levels as huge investments are at stake. These projects also come with millions of dollars in supplies with at times unimaginable quantities and power requirements.

Strangely enough the actual lighting fixtures are not really big by any meaning. Installation size maybe big, but the actual light fitting components are relatively small.  The biggest light fittings I am aware of are those multi kilowatt search beams or laser installations which can have sizes up to a small Mini, but otherwise our average architectural lights are very small by comparison and easy to carry by hand.

The only exception maybe the light of a lighthouse. I have visited some lighthouses over the years which are very impressive to see, specifically in terms of their lighting reflector system. I have such lighthouse not far from where I am staying…its light can be seen each night from miles away. Together with the sun and the moon these are three almighty big light sources…:)

30. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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