Shanghai 15th July 2010

We all go through this motion a number of times in our life time, some more than others. Very little people live their life in the same place. My parents moved only once during my life time and that was in the early sixties. Soon they will have lived in the same house for 50 years! That is what you call home! I have moved home (and countries) more than 15 times and still counting.…  Add to that the number of office moves I have experienced (some overseas) and I would say I am pretty experienced in removals. But boy, it’s quite exhausting time and again…. It’s not really the packing, dismantling and moving that is the most tedious…it’s getting settled in the new place that is…for months (sometimes years) removal boxes remain part of the interior decoration…

Our Singapore office is moving this weekend to a new and bigger space in Katong after 5 years in Siglap. It has been a good stay with ups and downs, but our new office will surely give the team some new energy and moving into a new place always comes with some excitement for the future. It’s a time to throw away the old and welcome in the new. ..(the things we hold onto over the years!)

A lighting design office is not such a complicated removal, basically office furniture, computers and files. With the digital age of the computer and the internet I can tell you that moving files is not such as hassle as it was 20 years ago. When I moved my office in the early 90’s I had 100’s of kilo’s drawing, documents and storage cabinets to move. We did not have such things as CDrom’s and hard drives! Most of our office is nowadays virtual…

But for once I’ve got this move covered well…As you may notice I am in Shanghai and I am scheduled back in Singapore later next week, the move is this weekend… you do the math’s  🙂 ….. As they say in Madagascar: “We’ve got to move it, move it….we’ve got to move it, move it….. “ 

All the best with the move guys……

15. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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