Shanghai 21st July 2010

Lighting designers are prone to injuries and sickness just like everybody else. I count myself lucky to have a good health and resistant body and despite my frequent travel, exposure to different climates, different foods (…including airline foods… 🙂 ) and visits to construction sites, I can count on one hand the occasional day I was not feeling well enough to work.

Last Sunday I woke up with back aches which sometimes happens, but when it did not go away during the day I went for a massage…it helped a bit but the pains still persisted. The next morning I left for Hainan but struggled with my back, some sort of hernia possibly. Once on site I had to ask my client to get me some medicine as the pain was growing. They managed to find me some painkillers and a spray similar as what sports people use to get you back on your feet during a match. It helped a bit and I was able to complete the site meetings and site inspections.

This morning back in Shanghai I could hardly get up let alone walk, so my colleagues managed to get me to a doctor who performed some acupuncture ( I am in China….) and some massage. That really helped  and together with some medicated plaster and other medicines I am at least able to sit behind my laptop to write this entry and do some work.

A long story to tell that injury and sickness is part and parcel of our work life as a designer. Evenif you have a company medical/ travel insurance to cover for eventualities that is just compensation and does not replace the lost time. As a company owner we work always, our responsibility never really stops…  

I heard that one of my competitors once broke his leg during a site visit when he fell in a building pit. He was lucky to escape with just a broken leg…On one of my own projects in Australia, the dimming control contractor one night fell through a ceiling when installing the data cables. Lucky for him he fell on a sofa in a waiting room below and escaped with minor bruises and a mild concussion…

Keep healthy, keep vigilant…easy to say, not always easy to maintain…In my case I guess my body is telling me to slow down… 🙂

21. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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