Expect the unexpected

Shanghai 17th July 2010

Just as I was talking about losing track after more than 250 blogs, technology lost its track and for the first time let me down last night. Some technical glitch in the system, not sure exactly what, still figuring out. All this time I have diligently managed to upload my blogs every day, sometimes with some improvisation and not always with an internet station around. Last night I frantically tried to upload via other means sending my blog to Singapore to try from there but to no avail. After many tries I gave up and went to sleep, letting things be, but somehow feeling incomplete as it has become such a “have to do” routine every day.

This morning it still looks shaky, but somehow I think I managed to upload yesterday’s blog. Those who follow me daily, I keep writing daily and if for some reason the blog does not show on the day, have faith, I will upload them when I can. Would appreciate your feedback on how you receive my blogs, if there is any problem on your side?

So this blog is much about to be always prepared to expect the unexpected. We assume, have expectations and anticipations all the time but when it turns out different we do not always take it well. I read an article about “Earth Hour” in which the writer reported on studies that found that during “Earth Hour” actually more energy is spend than normally…why…because people have created an event around it and organize all kinds of functions, parties, etc which is more “un-green” than if life would have continued normally. The point the writer was making is why all this fuzz of switching of lights, etc, for an hour if people use it to feel good, making themselves look good and then just continue about their energy consuming, carbon emitting lifestyle as if nothing had happened.  I can’t verify the story, but it is a bit of an unexpected view on this initiative, isn’t it?   

In another totally lighting unrelated story a school in China started to impose $5 fines for parents who arrived late to pick up their kids after school, forcing the teachers to stay back minding the children. The fine had a totally unexpected result. Instead of parents being more punctual in picking up their children, there was a strong increase in late comers. Why? Where else can you find child minding services for $5? Now the parents felt less guilty for the teachers to stay back as they were paying for it!

As lighting designers we always have to be prepared to expect the unexpected…good things, bad things, life is unpredictable…

17. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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