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Singapore 29th July 2010

Lighting design is our “bread and butter” so obviously it is part of our daily activities. All lighting design starts with an idea, a thought on how the lighting could be created. The design process can be painful or smooth depending on the flow of our creative juices…Sometimes we straight away know by just looking at the project, what the direction of the lighting design should be (obviously experience counts here), sometimes we toss and turn and can’t get a satisfactory starting point for our lighting design.

Often when we start the design process the architect, interior designer or landscape consultant is still in the design process themselves, leaving us to guess many of the details. The good thing about this is that we can still influence their design process and can provide input about certain lighting effects that may affect the overall architectural concept. It also means that our lighting design is a design intent, a general direction of the lighting concept or design theme that we would like to apply for the lighting in the project.

The trouble that we face is that not all clients understand the princile of design intent. Many clients have no imagination at all and cannot visualize how the final lighting effects are going to be. We use mood images to give impressions of the lighting mood or the lighting effects we have in mind and complement that with artist renderings to the best we can at that point in time. But obviously it is as good as our input and only represents a design intent, certainly in the early stages of the creative design process. The key is to manage expectations of the client and make sure he or she understands it is a design intent and that along the way the final result will vary depending physical and financial limitations that we face as the project progresses….

PS: I will be on leave in Europe for the next 10 days for a well deserved break, so my blogs maybe a bit irregular, but I will do my best to keep it up! Thanks for all the well wishers in regards to my back injury. I had some intensive specialist treatment this past week and I am healing well, my leave break will be a welcome time to further help me get back in shape! 🙂


29. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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