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Shanghai 16th July 2010

I am reaching a stage where I am loosing track of subjects I have already blogged about, which, after more than 250 blogs, is understandable…But the driver of this blog is what happens in my daily life as a lighting designer so even though I am mindful to blog about something different every day, I am guided by my daily work and it is inevitable that some subjects resurface. It will be interesting to see if my thoughts about the subject change over time. Today I may feel different about it then some months ago. Lighting designers are creative people with unexpected mind swings. It is not always logic what guides us…

Today was one of those days I could really submerge myself in conceptual lighting design. Not too many distractions, lot of people out of the office and our Singapore office of the radar as they are moving. Some people like to divide this stage of the creative process into schematic and concept design, where schematic means to set out the basic frame work on which to build the conceptual design later on. Often these two stages are blurred together, certainly in this part of the world with tight deadlines. It’s a shame we do not get as much time as master planners, architects, and interior or landscape designers to develop the lighting design. This forces us to become practical designers rather than really creative designers.

A lighting concept generally needs to tie in with the architectural, interior or landscape concept. Lighting is the glue that brings all the elements together, it allows us to see, appreciate, understand and enjoy the space we are in or objects we are looking at. So the lighting concept needs to validate the overall concept (forms, shapes, materials, colors) and where possible bring added value, sometimes even a whole new dimension. You could say that lighting has magical powers as it stimulates our senses. But as we all have a different sense of appreciation a good lighting design concept is the one that somehow manages to cross and bridge all these divides… that is when people say “wow”…regardless of their cultural or personal background when they look at the final result that has been created from your lighting concept.

17. July 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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