What’s in a name?

Singapore 21st June 2010

Project developers all over the world like to use big ticket names for various reasons and are prepared to pay big bucks for it. I assume the two main reasons are, first to show off, second to use the high profile names as part of the marketing and promotions campaign. A bit like using famous Hollywood actors for a movie. Never mind if the movie is not really great. Big names sell.

Architecture designed by Norman Foster. Golf course design by Greg Norman (using Tiger Woods at this point in time might not really be helpful…). Product and overall design concepts by Philip Starck. It is precisely the last one which is involved in one of our latest projects. The promotional video about the project, a high end residential development in Singapore shows Philip explaining about the project and high lighting his great concepts. Will he ever come to one of the project meetings…I doubt it… Are we getting any great fees for this project…no, not really. But will we get any mileage out of this project? Very likely…

Land mark projects, household designer names do help the “common” designers to feed of the fame and public attention that such projects generate, I do believe. While we are part of the team, there is somehow the stigma, that if you are involved in such high profile projects that you too must be in a class of your own. I am not down playing our expertise or capabilities, but we are certainly not general public household name designers. Within our lighting design community we may be well known, but that is a different league from being well known to the general public.

Being associated with well known designer names is definitely a boost and brings respect from your peers and the general design community in the process. But the pressure to perform is equally high as there is high expectation about the end result with little room for errors….

21. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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