The speed of life

Singapore, 18th June 2010

Another week just went by…it feels like it was Monday just yesterday…where has the time gone? I think we are all in this time warp at times where we work and suddenly realize a few days have gone past. It also happens when we drive routinely to the office. You step in the car, drive somehow on automatic pilot and suddenly realized you are somewhere without really having registered how you got to that point or what happened on the way… scarry at times…Some of our work weeks feel the same…we did heaps of stuff but somehow it did not register on a deeper level and then suddenly we realize the week has zipped past. This week just felt like that.

It is interesting to note that, being able to compare the working environments in Australia, Singapore and Shanghai, we experience working life as a lighting designer differently, also greatly influenced by the difference in culture and lifestyle. I sometimes compare the speed of life in these countries to three different types of transportation. If Australia has the speed of a bike, Singapore could be typified as having the speed of a car with China moving at the speed of a formula 1 race car! I mean no disrespect to each country and it is in no means a representation of the quality of work. We all know the famed fable about the tortoise and the hare… Moving fast is no guarantee for a fast and good end result. While work in Australia may be slow but steady, work in China is fast, often too fast, and as a result “accidents” happen and the race starts over again. I think you get the point…  

While there is a lot of work out there, we are in a position to have some influence and control over our own personal and work life. I know it is easy to get “carried” away by client demands and deadlines imposed, but our challenge is to find a way to manage the speed of our life somehow… too fast, we may speed out of control, too slow we may never reach the finish…

18. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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