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Singapore, 3rd June 2010

Today I had a project meeting with a reputable interior designer, which prompted me to write this blog…

Meeting interior designers is always interesting for various reasons depending their experience and knowledge in the field of lighting. The reputable and experienced interior designers have generally a good feel of lighting and how to integrate lighting effects into the overall interior concept.  It is part of their job to understand lighting and the impact of lighting to their interior design concept. But they simply do not have the time nor sufficient up to date knowledge on how to actually achieve the lighting effects. Accepting their own limitations, they appreciate our specialist input and welcome our expertise. There is an ambiance of mutual respect for each other’s expertise and conceptual design discussions therefore are motivated and very solution driven. These interior designers are generally a pleasure to work with and the end results satisfying to all. Work coordination and cooperation is efficient and supportive.   

Then there is the group who do not want to admit their limited knowledge in lighting (for whatever reason) and treat the lighting designer as a subordinate with little respect. They always seem to know better and have a hard time to take our advice on board. Discussions are far more difficult and unless you follow their “directions” the general working relationship is uncooperative and strenuous to say the least.

The end result of the last type is mostly unsatisfying for all parties. Lighting details come out wrong, material selections and finishes do not consider possible reflective glare, integrated lights cannot be accessed for maintenance or lighting locations do not match the interior architectural rhythms. The list goes on. The sad thing is that often these interior designers don’t take ownership of the end result and find 1001 reasons to blame the other consultants and contractors.

Good interior designers understand that lighting can make or break an interior…their interior! Those who respect professional expertise and can leave their ego’s aside are the ones which in the end achieve the greatest results with lighting!

Today was a good meeting…. 🙂

03. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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