The edge of darkness

Singapore 23rd June 2010

I am one of those lucky people that can sleep anywhere, anytime, in full daylight or in total darkness. I guess extensive travelling has made that a prerequisite…Many people though have trouble sleeping anywhere else then in their own familiar bed. Some people like total darkness when sleeping; some need a little night light to feel “safer”. Last night I slept in my own familiar bed, but enjoyed a newly installed air-conditioner. Nice and cooling in this tropical climate, as I don’t really like sleeping in the heat. But what struck me is that nowadays all types of electric equipment have some form of LED lighting integrated!

After I switched of the lighting I was surprised at the remaining brightness in the room. When looking around I noticed the yellow and a blue indicator lights on the air conditioner. Complementing these were a TV indicator light, a switch indicator light and the alarm clock light. Five mini LED lights points within a few square meters. Add to that the city lights seeping through the curtains and you have a room in the middle of the night that is safe to walk around in!

These “damn” little LED’s are nearly like weed… they pop up everywhere nowadays! Switch on your mobile phone at night…it’s like a torch light! I actually often use my mobile phone’s display light for way finding on a project site for instance when we climb the unlit stairs of a building under construction! Some of you may be familiar with this…

My point is that it becomes more and more difficult to actually create real darkness! Ever been in theatre when the lights go out…only to be reminded of where all the exit doors (emergency signs) are! Most hotels require the lighting designer to provide for a night light in the guestrooms…but with all these built-in LED indicator light gadgets, do we really still need it?…

23. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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