Singing in the rain

Kalgoorlie, 29th June 2010

Tonight I commissioned a sports oval in the city of Kalgoorlie, the capital of the Goldfields, about 500 km east of Perth. The new lighting installation was a follow up on our lighting master plan to upgrade all main sports facilities in the city to comply with Australian Standards for the various sports. This sports facility has already been handed over by the contractor to the City and is now in full use by the local community. The previous installation was non complying to the lighting standards, very glary and most of all producing a great amount of spill light as a result, much to the complaint of surrounding residents. The upgraded lighting installation has been received with much appreciation with the local community singing praise on the new lighting. One resident apparently called the city council to thank them and saying he could now finally sleep at night!

We came in tonight to officially sign off on the project, inspect the new installation and confirm that the lighting levels and uniformity are now indeed compliant with the applicable lighting standards. Armed with lux meters and a measurement grid plan we went on to measure the lighting levels of the various switching steps for the more than 2 hectare sports ground. Our lighting design called for training, junior play and competition lighting levels.

The interesting point I wanted to raise today is whether rain has any effect on the lux level readings? Half way through our lux level readings we got surprised by a rain shower that obviously got us wet but also hampered the process. I continued in the rain but wondered in how far the actual measurements would be affected…surely the rain drops act as a deflector causing a diffusing and redirection of the light. We did not really measure a great difference in the end result, but I would say that the impact would be less then 10%. I must clarify that we carried out the measurements with handheld lux meters which obviously result in tolerances in regards to the readings as well.

The rain wasn’t too heavy and stopped after a while but it was an interesting moment of reflection.

29. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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