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Singapore, 17th June 2010

Lighting suppliers and manufacturers often organize functions and events to promote new products and bond with their potential clients. I have always been a great promoter of the manufacturer – lighting designer relationship as I believe we need each other. We cant pretend to know all what is available in the market so we need to interact with the people that create the lighting products that we specify. I have and always will have an open door policy towards manufactures as they supply the bread and butter of our profession. Without light fittings it is hard to be a lighting designer, isn’t it? I know some suppliers and agents do a hard sell at times and we rather not waste our time (we are always busy, right?), but I think it is important to make time. I know from own experience how it feels to be treated badly by potential clients or lead consultants like architects, etc.

Tonight I attended a function organized by one the manufacturers (Philips/Selecon) showing off their latest in architectural effect lighting and related controls. The gap between architectural lighting and theatrical lighting is becoming increasingly blurry, slowly merging into one. Full digital (remote) control of colours, colour temperature, beam intensity, shape and angle integrated in one single fitting, that is the direction we are heading….

I less and less go to these types of functions and stimulate my staff to go, but since I was in town, I decided to pop in myself. These kinds of “get-togethers” offer a great opportunity to catch up with fellow designers and friends in the business and get the latest gossip of what’s going on in the local industry and abroad. It is always interesting to hear from others how they are doing and the problems they encounter with their clients. In general lighting designers are a friendly breed of competitors, more like colleagues in the business. I always find the ambiance of these “get-togethers” jovial and animated, certainly when we compare our experiences……

17. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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