Left brain – right brain lighting designers

Singapore- Shanghai, 6th June 2010

Our minds have a left and a right brain ‘hemisphere”, each contributing to our thinking process and decision making when we live our life. According to the experts left brain compared to right brain functions is logic versus feeling, or analytical versus creative. I have always been fascinated by the human brain; it is the most amazing part of our body as far as I am concerned. I was once told that the brain stores each and every image we see (whether in a split second or not), every sound we hear, every smell we smelled… yet we seem to only use a few percentage of our total brain capacity, can you imagine!

Some say we even store these sensory memories from a previous life. Haven’t we all not dreamed things “out of this world’, things we really can’t remember ever having experienced in this life. I certainly have. We also have at times that “déjà vu” feeling, when we are sure we have seen that before even if we haven’t.  But the fact is that our creativity is directed by our brain and some of us are more creative then others, some are more organized and analytical then others… it is all to do with how we are wired. I have no idea how I am wired but I do know that in my design work both my left and right brain are providing input, possibly in a balanced way. I am creative but not a genius artist, I am quite organized with a good view on the overall picture, but not a genius business man.  In the link provided below you will find a dancer that turns around left or right, apparently depending whether you have left or right brain input. I indeed can see her go both ways. Some only see her go one way only.  You can check this story; let me know how you saw the dancer moving…

As lighting designers (running a practice) I believe we need both left and right brain functions, depending however on the strength of each function we turn out to be different designers with different levels of success in our business…

06. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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