Incredible lighting tales

Shanghai  8th June 2010

Sometimes we hear some incredible, interesting or funny lighting stories. Some happen to us in the line of work, some we get to know through others in our field of work. They are generally shared over a drink when we meet or nowadays do the round on the internet.

In my Philips Lighting time there was this story about a senior manager who got caught with alcohol in his briefcase (a half empty bottle of whiskey as the story goes) as he was going through emigration I believe in Dubai. One should know that alcohol is mostly forbidden in the Middle East but as the country is fairly relaxed they just wanted to impound the bottle.  Unfortunately the man was drunk and resisted the officers and did not want to let go of the bottle. He ended up in jail and had to be bailed out.

In another incident in the Middle East one of my former Philips colleagues was doing some testing and commissioning of floodlights for a stadium in an outside city location. Somehow bandits (on camels I supposed) entered the area from the desert and started shooting presumably with the aim to rob the site of valuable equipment. The next thing he knows the front glass of the floodlight next to him shatters by a stray bullet! Police rounded up all people on site and put them in custody for investigation. He was released after signing a statement and report of his witness account…   

Our friendly representative of Flos/Antares in Singapore, related a story to me today of a different kind. Police in India recently arrested a 3m long track (you know the ones we use for spot lights). The track was send to a site in a taxi but police stopped the taxi for dangerous driving (assumingly because the track was sticking out of the window dangerously). Taxi driver and track were taken into custody at the local police headquarters. While the taxi driver was released, the track was kept “in jail” at the police station overnight. The next day the local agent had to walk the track personally from the police station to site. It was not clear whether a bail was posted for the track 🙂

If you have any stories to tell please do share….

08. June 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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