World Expo, my second visit

Shanghai, 3rd May 2010

Today is a public holiday in China, another perfect day to visit the Expo. It being my birthday too, going to the Expo is like inviting a kid to Disneyland, isn’t it? So the perfect birthday treat for me and I really enjoyed it, thanks again to my magic VIP pass which allowed me direct access to the pavilions without having to queue….

Most of the countries display themselves, their technologies, their lifestyles, showing off so to say… basically to attract interest and promote the country in the best possible light. Though someone called the Expo the Olympics of Technology, really at the base of all are the dollars and cents in the shape of possible future business, tourism, etc. With China being such a magnet to the world for business, one can easily understand why every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be here at the Expo.

But looking past that, did I really see much of the future? Not in the country pavilions, so I went to the Pavilion of the Future expecting to see new technologies in action, but besides some futuristic decorations, not really. I had expected to see new technologies in action but what I saw where some meager displays, some video presentations but nothing new really, in an otherwise largely empty hall.

What about lighting then? … Same story… Nothing that was really new. In fact to me, there seems to be an overkill of LED, though I did still see some pavilions using conventional floodlights. LED is the magic word in the lighting of each and every pavilion as well as for the whole expo site, but unfortunately there seem to have been no real thoughts in the overall realization of the lighting at the Expo. I know a good lighting master plan was developed originally but something got lost in translation, specifically in regards to sustainability. A real missed opportunity.   

 PS: Note that I have not seen all pavilions and areas, but this is my first impression after seeing 20 odd pavilions and most areas over 2 days.

03. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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