World Expo Day 1

Shanghai, 1st May 2010

Some people have all the luck, isn’t it? Well, today I was one of the fortunate ones. In possession of a VIP pass I managed to enjoy the first day of the World Expo without having to queue up at any pavilion… I can’t tell you how good that feels when you know that the average queue to get into a popular pavilion is easily 1 hour! And I am not even talking about the queues to get into the Expo. I heard on the news that entries to the Expo had been limited to 500,000 people…wow, that is a lot! In the Expo park alone, which is the largest ever, they have 200,000 volunteers at hand, in the city another 2 million! Which country can mobilize such an army of volunteers!

Today I decided to spend the day around the European pavilions of which I saw a big part (thanks to my “jump the queue” pass :)).  It is interesting to see how each country represents itself. One just have to compare Italy and Germany who attempted to show the same (technology, lifestyle, fashion, etc) but with total different styles. The practical Germans versus the stylish Italians…

 To me Italy by far stuck out also by the open design allowing much daylight into the building. As a novelty the Italian pavilion had applied “transparent” concrete as building material, a technology allowing light to filter through concrete courtesy of embedded little fiber optic strands. At night the light pattern is reversed, creating a glow coming through the walls. Interesting was the Polish pavilion with its paper cutting technology applied to create a very nice visual ambiance. As can be expected LED was highly visible and applied in each pavilion. From observation I would say up to 80% of the pavilion lighting was LED, from linear to flood lights. Of course RGB plenty…too much at times.  But absolutely smashing all records in the European pavilions is the application of multimedia screens and projections, 3D, interactive projections, most building high or long in size. Overall I was much impressed with the efforts put in by the countries. In regards to facade lighting design the UK pavilion must be the favorite, its porcupine fiber optic design looks magical at night.

Anyhow too much to report ..There is fantastic website that allows you to take virtual tours of the pavilions to check it out yourself at

01. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hope you took lots of photos!

  2. U are lucky with VIP pass. Lighting will be my focus as my later visit to Expo, thanks for your brief intro

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