Perth, 25th May 2010

As we get older we start to appreciate time more and more isn’t it? Time is one of the few things in life we can’t really control, it keeps ticking. We can’t fast forward; we can’t stop the time…if only we could at times. Once a moment has past, it’s gone; it will never come back…except maybe some times to haunt you :). What remains are the memories and experiences.

As lighting designers our main commodity is time as well. Every day we have to decide how to attribute our time to our clients. Not always easy as this requires priority setting. Often we get dictated by the client who shouts hardest! But even if you have only one project on the board you still need to decide what to do first. Like accountants and lawyers we basically work towards so called billable hours, time worked on projects which we hope to bill our clients. So if we run lighting design as a profitable business really we should be good time managers. Unfortunately good designers are not necessarily good business people. We are creative people with our thoughts on the moon rather than firmly on the ground at times…I am one of those.

Once your company grows you start to realize that you start losing control of time. Clients, manufacturers, fellow consultants, meetings, etc, start to gobble up your time and before you know the day is over and you haven’t even touched a pen so to speak. Today was another such day where I wonder how quickly time passed and how little I got done, but yet I have been “busy” with a 1001 little things. I am a “list” man and always have these “to do lists”, which keep me organized and focused, but somehow other things always creep in…

I ever read a book called the “4 hour work week”, can’t recall the writer, but there was some pretty good stuff in it about how to eliminate those activities that take up most of your time, emails and phone calls being one of the biggest ones. Don’t they ever!

25. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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