IPAD and the digital age

Perth, 28th May 2010

Today the much anticipated IPad hits the stores in Perth. In some countries like the US it was introduced a while ago and during Light & Building in Frankfurt I already met some people using it! Now I am not one of those people who will queue for 36 hours overnight to be the first to have one, but some people do… I think the whole hype around it is quite clever marketing from Apple.

Will I get one? Considering it has taken me 3 years to get an IPhone unlikely at this stage, let it first get out of its infancy and see how it holds up. But it is without doubt that our world is gradually turning fully digital and soon we will be reading our newspaper on IPad like devices when sipping our coffee at Starbucks. I can see it as a handy tool for sharing small lighting presentations, projects and other related lighting information in the future; it looks a bit more friendly then passing around a laptop…With programs such as Skype we will be communicating through these devices as well, for sure. And let’s not forget Iphone related programming tools…

In a related way, someone in Frankfurt handed me a business card with an integrated USB stick. You flip it out of the plastic business card (slightly thicker, but same dimensions) and plug into your USB port and away you go with complete company information. No more company brochures. I feel that the drawback of the digital age is a risk of oversupply of information. Just because you have giga-bytes of storage does not mean you have to fill it up. At least in the old “printing” days you had to think and be selective with your information.

The other drawback of the digital age is the disappearance of the social aspect of life. Just look around, people are either on their IPhone, or listening to their IPod and soon be engulfed in their IPad. What will happen to a simple “good morning” or “how are you?” Receiving a smiley as a text message is not the same as a real personal smile…

28. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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