Digital expression wall

Singapore, 15th May 2010

After yesterday’s search for the dance floor lighting tiles I found some other interesting links, notably regarding the future of LED touch panels. As can be expected the future of lighting will be very much changed with full wall LED touch panels, a bit like your IPhone but then on your full wall or on your table, all interactive and operated by the touch of your finger.

The way this is going in the future is that we may hardly have any down lights or local lights anymore. It will be the architectural envelope such as complete walls and ceilings, but also furniture like tables, etc which will be fully electronic and illuminated as needed. No need for a TV anymore, it’s just integrated in the LED panels. Check the link below for an idea what I am talking about.

With the touch panels being interactive and responsive to human input there is also a big scope for creativity and digital art. In one of the links I found a digital expression wall, where artists can express themselves with free hand “painting”. A device allows them to change colour and their movement is recorded on the LED canvas.

What attracts me is the idea that we can create a canvas and infra structure of light that can be changed to personal taste, brightness, colours, shapes and integrate functions such as TV, music, telecommunication in the process…imagine the possibilities…endless. See the other link below to get some sense of the future.    

Home of the future:

Digital expression wall:

15. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Nice story, hey I stumbled on to this story while searching for song lyrics. Thanks for sharing I’ll email my friends about this too.

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