Digital dependency

Singapore, 7th May 2010

Don’t you hate it when your laptop or computer doesn’t do what it is supposed to do? I am from the older generation and already proud of myself that I am reasonably proficient in using a computer, the internet, etc. But that is only as long as everything works! We have become so “digitally depended” these days that the moment the computer or internet does not work we are stuck…everything nearly stops and we become out of sorts (ever been at the airport when the computer system is down??? …pandemonium!).

I operate my company through my laptop. It follows me wherever I go and is on practically from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed. I communicate with my staff, with my clients, with my suppliers through it. It’s my office, it’s my “brain”. Earlier this week my laptop crashed during my flight to Chengdu and only now, back in Singapore, my IT guy has managed to get it back up and running…I love this guy! I admire these people who understand the computer language, know how to find their way and diagnose the problem. You may not have noticed but my last 3 blogs were conceived on and uploaded from hotel business center computers!

Just serves as a good reminder how much we depend on our laptops, computers and internet in this digital age. All our design work is done on computers through artist renderings, CAD drawings, power point presentations, documents, spread sheets, etc. All our project information is digitally filed and most of our project correspondence is through emails. Who still sends out hard copies? Admittedly hard copies are still needed but nowadays the onus is on the receiving party to print out the documents they need. In the past the onus was mostly on us, the sending party, to print documents.

Since we hardly print or keep hard copies anymore there is an ever increasing need for professional design companies like us to continuously create back up files of all project (and other office operational) information to make sure nothing is lost when the digital system crashes!  

07. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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