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India, 10th May 2010

On my way for a 2 day blitz visit to India, Chennai today, Goa tomorrow. Two of our hotel projects are reaching their final stages and site coordination and procurement confirmations on light fitting supply are necessary to bring the projects to a good end.  The “fight” between quality, time and budget……

But my topic of today is triggered by in-flight programs that I love to watch while working away a bit on my laptop (which is thank god working again!), programs like eco-solutions or worlds greenest homes, etc. The public has generally been labeled as consumers as they consume, take, but don’t really give anything back. Energy is used to power most things in our life; products are being used and then discarded after end of useful life. But a new breed is emerging, people more conscious of our environment and sustainable living…the producers.

These are the people who produce their own energy, grow their own trees to offset carbon emissions, cool their own house naturally, recycle wastage for re-use. People who do not only consume but produce and contribute to their consumption, some even more then they consume .

So how do we become contributors, producers as lighting designers? There are two basic types of consumptions in lighting, the energy required to power our lights and the light fittings we use to create the lighting. To become a “producer” for energy we need to resort to renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind energy, water energy or use bio-fuel created out of organic waste products. More and more this becomes common thought in the design development process.

There are no real “renewable” light fittings as in the energy sense, but there are light fittings and lamps of which all or most components can be recycled and used again after disposal. Durable quality and long life lamps such as the LED will help the process. But most of all we need a major thought shift, away from consuming towards producing…it’s now gradually happening.

10. May 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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