Who’s concept is it anyway?

Netherlands, 20th April 2010

Borrowing the tagline from the TV comedy show “Who’s line is it anyway”, I want to talk about lighting concepts that are not necessarily driven by ourselves but by others…

But first an update on the European airspace situation. After the European airlines and flight control authorities finally got together it was decided to re-open the airspace again partially. Test flights and commercial interest (some figures claim a daily loss of 200 million Euro a day) got the better of the scientists and their scientific models which led to the re-opening of the airspace. Last night the first three KLM flights left for Shanghai, New York and Dubai. Today I hear that about 50% of the flights were carried out. I am waiting for an incoming Singapore Airlines flight to allow me to go back from Amsterdam, which is expected in tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed…

Back to lighting 🙂 .  Sometimes our clients have very strong ideas about what they want. Right now we are working on a façade lighting concept for a project in China with a client telling us basically what to do, what they want. In itself not a problem you would say, easy just do it. But that is exactly the issue. It is rare (as in this case) that the client is knowledgeable about lighting and what they want is either outdated, wasteful in terms of energy, not really recommended, etc. Note I am leaving out esthetic issues as we all have different tastes. Should we just follow the client or make a stand?

I personally don’t have an issue with the not-invented-here syndrome (some people have an issue if it is not designed by them) as I think we still have a big role to play in realizing a clients dream, even if it is not our lighting concept. But what is important is that we can fully stand behind the design concept and take responsibility of the end result. That is where we have the professional responsibility to make a stand and make sure the client understands the consequences or impact that the lighting concept may have…

20. April 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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