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Frankfurt 14th April 2010

I was told that calling it Light Fair is politically incorrect nowadays and that I should call it Light & Building…so here it goes, I will change the headings of the previous entiries accordingly. LED’s are still ruling the world of the fair, wherever you go. Very little can be found on issues such as daylighting and sustainable/ renewable energy. I must say that I did not manage to visit all halls and stands so I may have missed this but the only stand I saw with a dedicated story on solar energy and daylight management was Zumtobel, though tucked away on the side. Window embedded PV’s and linear LED integrated in the refraction louvres was a prototype installation exploring the options to control daylight and the uses of renewable energy…it seems the big manufacturers are not ready for it yet.

Play and plug LED modules (Bridgelux) is another trend that seems to catch on. The sealed modules have pre determined lumen packages, beam types, colour temperatures and CRI’s. This cuts out a lot of hassle for the luminaire manufacturers who can now incorporate a standard base in the light fitting and plug in different bmodules depending the needs. This leaves the manufacturer to ony worry about the luminaire design and heat dissipation issues for which guidelines are provided by the plug and play LED module manufacturer. It also assures some consistency of the light5ing performance for us lighting designers.

GE showed a module with dipswitches that in different settings provides (within the same module) different wattage consumption and related lumen packages. Colour temperature and CRI choices are incorporated as well.

Finally I can not blog about the fair without mentioning the human and social and practical aspect of the fair. While catching up on the latest trends and technologies is an obvious goal of visiting the fair, it is also a great networking opportunity. For regular visitors like me (my first visit was in 1982!) it is a great time to catch up with friends and business partners in the industry. I always bring some projects with me that need some special solutions and the fair is a great platform where potential new technologies can be discussed for future application.

Last night’s PLDA function was again a great success with about 800 or so “lighting” people in attendance. I met many friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen for quite a while. Fittingly it also celebrated young lighting designers (young here meaning new in the business) through a lighting design competition. The winning design went to Flynt Talbot a lighting designer from Western Australia. I think it is great that we stimulate the industry this way. This is my last day at the fair but I will probably blog more about it over the days to come.

14. April 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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