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Perth, 7th April 2010

I guess that the subject of LED’s and Solar is one that keeps coming back. I have blogged about it before. We are currently designing lights for a desert golf course in Western Australia and one of our considerations is to use solar driven bollard lights along the buggy path. This would not only save energy and be environmentally friendly but also save considerably in electrical cabling and trenching works as basically none are required.

We have been researching manufacturers and suppliers in Australia to assure ourselves of the quality and performance of the bollards before we specify them. With Western Australia and Greece labeled as the best countries in the world for solar energy one would expect that people know a thing or so about solar here. One of the distributors we contacted today admitted that though he was registered as a distributor for the solar bollard we had in mind, he had never sold one, had never seen a working sample and could not tell us whether it could perform as publicized. From the several distributors we contacted only one seemed up to the mark and knowing what he was talking about. We will receive a working sample soon. All in all a disturbing find…or maybe not?

It may just indicate that professional solar driven lighting as we strive for in our installations, is yet in its childhood shoes. While hardware stores sell lamentably bad garden solar spikes and the like, there are little to no professional manufacturers up to the mark to my experience so far that are comfortable in selling performance driven solar exterior lights. We still seem to have a long road ahead. Our way forward is to engage with the industry.

07. April 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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  3. Hm, I am ok with this but still not 100 % convinced, hence i am about to research a little bit more.

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