Perth, 4th April 2010

Today is Easter, the time when Christians around the world celebrate the re-surrection of Jesus, with services held in churches and other communal places to commemorate the event. Religion is an element in our lives that has different interpretations depending on what you believe in. Personally I believe that everybody is entitled to their own beliefs as long as they do not impose it on others. Tolerance, respect and understanding are some key words here. Unfortunately when you look around in the world there is little of that around.  

Light is traditionally a big part of any faith. Not so much in a technical way but more in an abstract way, with white light seen as the most pure form of life. Technically, lighting has not much evolved when it comes to religion and “holy” places. It is pretty much still candles and daylight. I have visited quite some churches, cathedrals and temples, etc, on my world travels and must say that time and again I am amazed on how well they were designed in regards to daylight. Add to that beautiful stained glass windows, some incredible high void spaces and day time lighting in these places can be stunning. It really creates that feel of someone above watching down on you.

Then there are the candles…they are more than light only. They symbolize thoughts for people or even causes. Haven’t we all not burned a candle for someone or something at one point of time in our lives? Somehow the candle has taken on a meaning of unification. It binds us at birthdays, at diners, at weddings, at memorial services and so on.

Whether religious or not, we should treasure the candle and pray it will not be banned in the future for environmental reasons! Though there are great LED candles on the market nowadays …  🙂

04. April 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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