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Singapore, 8th April 2010

A fair amount of our projects are in the hospitality, commercial and corporate lighting applications. While we often focus on the practicality of our lighting designs and mood setting, creating a corporate identity is not always (or hardly ever I should say) part of the design brief. But more and more corporations (including the hotel industry) are starting to include corporate identity WITH LIGHTING as part of their corporate thinking.

Corporate identity has mostly been the responsibility of graphic/ image consultants and interior designers, playing with fonts, colors, shapes and materials. But as life extends more and more beyond sunset there is the realization that lighting can play an important role in further creating a company’s identity, especially at night or in interiors.

I think the “United Colors of Benetton” was a good example at the time. At the moment we are working on a Holiday Inn project which also has developed a corporate image scheme using their corporate blue and green colors to light up the façade. The idea is to create instant recognition by applying the lighting in similar ways to reinforce the branding.

Façade lighting seems to offer great opportunities to create a corporate identity by standardizing lighting effects, colors and techniques (not all buildings have the same architectureJ). In interiors it may be created with feature ceiling lights such as custom designed chandeliers.

Especially now that we have the availability of colors through the new LED technologies there is ample opportunity to engage lighting as part of the corporate image creation.

08. April 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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