Time capsule

Hong Kong, 17th March 2010

On my way to Hong Kong I read about the tradition of the World Expo’s to burry a time capsule with objects and things relevant at the time of the Expo, so future generations can learn about what was cool and hip at the time. Which obviously begs the question, if we would prepare a time capsule to tell people a few 100 years from now what was cool and hip in lighting, what would it be?

For sure LED would be part of it in all its forms and shapes, including its many offshoot applications such as in clothing and instruments. Would fiber optics still make it? Laser technology, holograms and 3D imagery are strong contenders. Then there is the whole array of intelligent lights, moving heads including the video projection types. Touch screen, computerized, remote and sensor driven controls are some that cross the mind when thinking about controlling and managing light. We can probably add in renewable lighting systems (rechargeable lights, solar energy driven lights) which certainly are a hot topic now.  Sustainable lighting solutions are part and parcel of today’s lighting, but how to put that in a time capsule? Probably with picture references of successful project solutions?

From research we already have innovative concepts like OLED technology, luminescent films, etc  but we can’t really say they are commercially and commonly used yet. We may want to consider actually including a conventional light fitting, such as a down light or a flood light as in a few decennia they may not exist anymore! With the way we are going lighting (also because lighting becoming more and more compact with lesser power needs) tomorrow’s lighting is becoming an integrated part of our architectural fabric rather then an individual light fiiting!

We just have to look back 50 years to see how far lighting has already come, and there is no indication that this process is stopping anytime soon!

17. March 2010 by Martin Klaasen
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